Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is tied harmoniously to company performance. To put it simply, the more you engage your team, the more your team will invest into the vision. And the more they are invested into the vision, the greater the chance you have at capturing it.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees is often overlooked and seen as invaluable to the full scope of business. In the daily push of a business, it often gets shoved to the side or even completely ignored. But when not attended to, it can equate to a tremendous loss for a company.

How Pure is Your Leadership?

Think for a moment about the word “Pure.” What thoughts come to mind as you envision its meaning? Is it something perfect and without fault? Maybe it’s something spotless or clean? Or do does it bring to mind something that is simply not mixed with another substance?


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “PURE” is to be unmixed with any other matter. It also defines pure as being free from what vitiates, weakens, or pollutes. This being true, would a purer life make for a better leader?

5 Keys that Shape Your Attitude

What immense power we possess in just the selection of our attitude every day. Within it, we formulate the results of our life. These paths that are created by our daily attitude lead us to the destinations of our significant success or our ultimate failure.

5 Keys that Shape Your Attitude

Are you aware of your attitude and do you know what shaped it? These are important questions to answer because knowing them gives you the ability to shift an attitude that is bent towards the negative spectrum to one that is positive and vibrant.

Mark Sebba is obviously very loved by his people. There are many principles and qualities that create a legendary leader and one they all have in common is to truly care for their followers.

I find it fascinating that Mark’s office is amongst the others in an open area. Always remember that leadership is not about you, but about them.

5 Characteristics of Strong Team Relationships

Growing up, one thing I could not get enough of was playing baseball. I simply loved the sport and everything about it. Because of my passion for the game, I gained a lot of memories along with a lot of understanding about life. One being the importance of having strong and healthy relationships within a team.

Team Relationships

One of my greatest memories was the summer our Little League team won the City Championship. It was the first summer that I experienced a great victory through the collective effort of a group. To this day, I remember the final play and throwing my glove and hat in the air in celebration.