Crossing Over from Information into Implementation

You have probably heard the saying that “knowledge is power.” However, in reality it is not the accumulation and retention of knowledge that provides a person the power. The true power lies within the action of implementing that wisdom. You see, one has to move that knowledge from information into implementation if they desire change.

From Information to Implementation

Knowledge alone will not get you to where you want to be. You must put action behind that wisdom for goals to be accomplished. Acquiring the information is only part of the task. However, most of the time it is at the crossover point from information to implementation that people become too afraid and never move forward.

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Why Your Identity Matters to Your Success

What is your identity? That’s a question we rarely put much thought into but the answer has a tremendous impact on our life and ultimate success. What we identify with actually causes us to travel certain paths which ultimately lead to what we want to achieve.


We all walk with many different identities in life. But there is fantastic power behind each of those you hold. Reason is simply because you will be loyal to what you truly identify with. And from that loyalty, you will base your decisions in life. Including the most important ones.

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Are You On the Path of Least Resistance?

Are you currently in a career that brings you so much fulfillment that you can’t wait to get started every day? Or are you simply working at a job one day to the next in hopes of retiring with enough money to live life doing what you enjoy? Statistics say that I could guess you are doing the latter and I would be right 9 times out of 10. That’s sad.

muddy road

Most of us dreamt of doing great things in life when we were kids only to have those thoughts slowly fade away the more we aged. Why? As we grew up we started buying into the idea that it is better to simply travel the path of least resistance than to take the journey that makes our heart race.

Is Employee Engagement Important?

Employee engagement is tied harmoniously to company performance. To put it simply, the more you engage your team, the more your team will invest into the vision. And the more they are invested into the vision, the greater the chance you have at capturing it.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees is often overlooked and seen as invaluable to the full scope of business. In the daily push of a business, it often gets shoved to the side or even completely ignored. But when not attended to, it can equate to a tremendous loss for a company.