3 Buying Triggers that Always Work

Humans are emotional. Plain and simple. It’s what drives us to make decisions whether good or bad. What that means to you is if you can manage to trigger any one of our more key emotions, you can up your sales and increase your customer base.

3 Buying Triggers that Always Work

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Though we are a complex species that tend to act irrational many times, we actually are quite predictable. This is a good thing for those of us that market our businesses because we can find and use certain triggers to elicit desired responses most of the time.

Patrick Renvoisé is an expert in neuromarketing and shares in this TEDx video about finding and pushing the “Buy button” within the consumer brain.

Predictably Irrational

Predictably Irrational (Harper; Revised & enlarged edition, 2009)

If you ever wondered why we buy the things we buy and how we respond to certain products and advertisements, then this book is for you. In Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely questions our thoughts and actions and then formulates experiments to find the answers.

4 Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear of Failure

If you have never failed, then you have never tried. The fear of failure is something we all face. It’s a part of our lives and will always hold us back if we allow it to. The good news is there are ways I have found that help to overcome that fear and win!

4 Tips To Help You Overcome The Fear of Failure

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First, you should know that I’ve always been one that’s very ambitious but also one that could not stand the thought of failing. These two traits were not a good combination as it would hit me hard when something did not work out well. I would take it so personal and become so ashamed, that it would crush my spirit to where I would begin to doubt myself and my abilities.

Entreprenuer Roller Coaster

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster (Success, 2015)

In his book, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide, Darren Hardy takes you on the epic journey of entrepreneurship. From the top to the bottom and from the twists to the inversions, he encourages and equips you for the ride of your life.

Bridging the Gap to Success

Have you ever traveled a career path only to encounter a cliff with no way to advance over to the other side (hypothetically of course)? If so, did you set up camp and think that this is as good as it gets or did you become determined to reach your destiny and started “bridging the gap” to your success?

Bridging the Gap to Success

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To be successful, you will find yourself in situations similar to this many times and will need to know how to build those much needed bridges. You’ll need to make those connections for when your road suddenly ends and you find yourself stuck. It is then that building a bridge to success will keep you moving forward and down your path to personal and professional victory!

5 Quick Tips for More Sales

There’s no doubt that selling is a well crafted art that takes talent and practice. Your skills will be refined over the years and through intentional learning you will get better. And because we sell to peoples’ emotions, there are limitless factors and influencers that differentiate each sell. However, there are some that stretch across the majority.

5 Quick Tips for More Sales

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When selling to a customer, no matter the product or service, you want to touch on their purchase points. These points are the keys that unlock the door to a sale with the ultimate goal of acquiring a faithful long term customer.