3 Keys for Building Team Unity

When I was a young boy, my parents took me to a science museum one Saturday. Upon arriving, I was quickly in complete awe of all the amazing and fun exhibits. There was a large water tornado, some full size dinosaur displays, and even an indoor hot-air balloon. But there was another exhibit that I found fascinating and is  actually a perfect example for team unity.

3 Keys for Building Team Unity

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This particular exhibit was a tall and massive collection of metal rods and gears. It probably stood two stories tall and on top was a single large bulb. At the bottom, was a single wheel with a knob. As it was turned, it put this masterpiece of a  machine into motion creating the energy needed to light the bulb.

3 Proven Steps to Increase Your Sales

As you are aware, selling is an art that’s crafted through education and experience. It takes time and training to master the process. And though there are different styles of selling, there are some basics that seem to work well for most. These are grouped into three parts that when implemented, can produce great results!

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Before we jump into these import parts of selling, it must be said that there is a difference between skillfully selling and order taking. Selling is the journey you take with a customer that produces an unforgettable and favorable experience. Order taking is simply a transaction with no adventure. The first gains loyalty.

3 Keys to a High Performance Team Machine

Years ago I sold cars for a living. It was a job I thoroughly loved because I enjoyed both selling and vehicles. This combination contributed to my being one of the top performing sales consultants each month. Now, many years later, I’m still learning valuable lessons from those days.

3 Keys to a High Performance Team Machine

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I was fortunate to work for the top automotive group in our region. Being so, I and the other consultants experienced what it’s like to be apart of an award winning team year after year. And we didn’t get those awards by accident either. It was all due to an ongoing, finely tuned, high performance team training.

2 Core Elements to a Success System

As you know, business success doesn’t just happen by luck. It takes hard work, determination, and a lot of perseverance to make it come alive. And one key feature of a well organized and managed company of any magnitude, is the design and implementation of Success Systems.


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These types of systems can take a daily operation and turn it into a rhythmic task with higher efficiency. Understand that you can’t expect to achieve great results by simply “winging it.” That may work in some instances but not for the sustainability and growth of a truly successful business.

How to Greatly Increase Your Awareness

Just a few years ago I entered into a downward spiral in my career which quickly crashed into my life and and wreaked my health. I was at a company that was failing but the worst part is that I was in a career that was sucking the joy and passion right out of me. By the time I started to hit bottom is when I finally started becoming intentional with my life and getting clear with what I wanted to do. That’s when I learned how powerful living in a state of awareness can be.


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Many things happened during that time in both my professional and personal life. But through conscious efforts to understand who I was, what I wanted, where I was, and where I wanted to be, it was only then that I began to make positive progress. Because of that awareness, I am finally living and doing what I was designed for and my life has never been sweeter!

Motives & Motivations Every Entrepreneur Should Identify

When building a business, there are many things to consider. So much so that even the very basics can get lost in the hustle. But one of the things you should never skip over is identifying your motives and motivations. And not just identifying yours, but also your teams’ and customers’ as well!

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When you acquire a firm understanding of these two things, it sets a solid foundation for success to be built. Once you identify these insights, you can better lead your business forward into prosperity.


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Create An Environment to S.O.A.R.

A positive environment is a productive environment. For entrepreneurs, it is critical you create one that allows you to S.O.A.R. It doesn’t happen through default, but by pure intentionality. And highly successful entrepreneurs understand the power and energy that a productive environment creates.

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Your environment is the collection of influences in which you reside. It masterfully controls your outcomes through emotional conduction. You abide by its parameters and prosper in its giving. But just the same, an environment that is depressive and binding will cripple your success.

Your influence matters. Even when you don’t realize you are leading, you are. Be intentional with your words and actions as it could leave life long impacts on those you connect with.